SP23 Flow meter SP23 Flow meter Flow meters of the SP23 range are used for checking the amount of fluid used to refill the barrier fluid circuit in closed systems (e.g. SPN1000/3000). The indicated volume equals the amount lost from the circuit through leakage.
SP23 Pressure gauge SP23 Pressure gauge Bourdon pressure gauges of the SP23 range are used for visual monitoring of the operating pressure.
SP23 Temperature gauge SP23 Temperature gauge The bi-metallic thermometers of the SP23 range are used for visual monitoring of the operating temperature.
SPI Measuring unit SPI Measuring unit The measuring unit of the SPI range is used for visual monitoring of the operating temperature and the operating pressure. The measuring unit consists of a pressure gauge (NG 100) with a gauge shut-off valve in accordance with DIN 16270, a bi-metallic thermometer with protective sleeve, and a connector. The SPI is suitable for deployment with the TS2000, TS4000, TS5000 and DRU2063.
SPL Level indicator SPL Level indicator The tank-top mounted level indicators of the SPL range are used for continuous measuring, indication and monitoring of fluid levels. The level indicator consists of a vertical pipe with an integrated floating ball and a magnet system. The indicator strip can be positioned through 360° and is fixed to the outside of the vertical pipe.
SPS Level switch SPS Level switch Level switches of the SPS range are used for monitoring and/or controlling fluid levels in vessels, with alarm and/or control of automatic refill units. The SPS is suitable for deployment with the TS1016/A007, TS2000, TS4000 and TS5000 range.
SPK Contact unit SPK Contact unit The contact unit of the SPK range is used for fluid level monitoring through zero contact magnetic actuation of a contact. The contact unit consists of one or more magnetic elements which transmit the position of the fluid level or of the pressure booster piston rod to the switches without touching. The switches are reed contacts or inductive contacts in accordance with NAMUR.