Spiraltherm Mica 9596

Spiraltherm Mica 9596

Spiraltherm Mica 9596


Spiraltherm Mica 9596 is a flange seal made from a V-shaped profiled stainless steel tape with spiral-wound mica middle layer. The ends of the stainless steel tape are spot-welded.


  • Very high temperature stability
  • Preferred use in the exhaust gas area

Operating range

Pressure: p = 10 bar
  • Continuous operation:
    t = +600 ... +900 °C
Recommended surface roughness:
Rz = 12.5 ... 50 μm

Chemical resistance:
pH = 0 ... 14

Sealing parameters
AD Directive B7
  • k0 x KD = 65 x bd
  • k1 = 1,4 x bd
  • Gasket factor: m = 2.5
  • Minimum surface pressure:
    y = 10,000 psi, y = 70 MPa


  • Filler material: 98% mica
  • Metal spiral: 1.4541 (321) or 1.4571 (316 Ti)
Other materials upon request


9584/... (98 % pure graphite filler)
9594/... (99,85 % pure graphite filler)
9594/...R (graphite filler with low sulfur < 200 ppm and water soluble sulfate < 100 ppm cont)
9584/...TZ (with additional PTFE-sealing zone, T < 280 °C)
9594/...TZ (with additional PTFE-sealing zone, T < 280 °C)
9595/... (pure PTFE filler, T < 280 °C)
9596/... (mica filler, T < 900 °C)

Forms of supply

for tongue-and-groove flanges - 9596/NF
for projection and recess flanges - 9596/VR
for projection and recess flanges, with inner ring - 9596/VRI
for raised-face flanges, with outer ring - 9596/GA
for raised-face flanges, with inner and outer ring - 9596/GIA

Product variants

Spiraltherm Mica 9596/GA
Spiral wound gasket with outer guide ring.
Standard type for raised faced flanges.
Spiraltherm Mica 9596/GIA
Spiral wound gasket with inner and outer guide ring offers the best performance in raised faced and flat flanges
The inner ring is used to:
- avoid over-compression at elevated seating loads in high pressure service
- reduce turbulence within the flange area and protects against corrosion or erosion
- improve the load distribution over the gasket
Spiraltherm Mica 9596/NF
Spiral wound gasket without guide ring or inner ring.
This style of gasket is used in load-bearing flange configurations, such as tongue and groove flanges.
Standard dimensions according to EN/ASME.
Spiraltherm Mica 9596/VR
Spiral wound gasket without inner ring or outer guide ring.
Mainly used for male and female flanges or projection and recess flanges.
Spiraltherm Mica 9596/VRI
Spiral wound gasket with inner ring.
Mainly used for male and female flanges or projection and recess flanges.
An inner ring is necessary as a compression stop.

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