KN Rubber-PVC gasket 9117/KN

KN Rubber-PVC gasket  9117/KN

KN Rubber-PVC gasket 9117/KN


The KN rubber-PVC gasket 9117/KN consists of a PVC support ring and a specially-molded, replaceable elastomer ring which is located in the force shunt after fitting.


  • The elastomer ring can be reused after replacement
  • Reduced weight
  • Easy handling, even with large diameters
  • Segmented construction for optimized transport
  • Segments may be assembled on site

Operating range

Pressure p = 25 bar
  • Continuous operation:
    t = -30°C … +120°C
Recommended surface roughness:
RZ ≤ 100 µm


  • Sealing lip: EPDM (Shore-A-hardness 70 ± 5)
  • Outer ring: PVC

Functional description

The EPDM sealing lip is fitted on the inner diameter of the PVC ring. The PVC ring acts as both a supporting and a centering ring. It also absorbs the bolt force which is needed particularly when there are high pressures to be sealed, and thus protects the elastomer ring against excessive compression. The PVC ring does not come into contact with the medium.


Production note:
Up to DN 800 or 32”, the sealing lip is produced by injection molding. This is superior to frequently used displacement method with open molds as it offers greater dimensional accuracy. Above DN 800 or 32”, the sealing lip is extruded and is sold by length with instant adhesive for on-site assembly.

Forms of supply

  • Up to DN 600 (24”), the gasket is produced as a single piece.
  • Above DN 600 (24”), the seal is produced in easy to transport segments and then assembled.
  • Standard dimensions as defined in the EagleBurgmann in-house standard for DIN flanges or for flanges to ANSI B16.5 and MSS SP-4.4

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