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Item Description
1, 5 Seal face
2, 12, 22, 23, 24 O-Ring
3 Spring
13 Sleeve
16 Housing
18 Pin
37 Locking fixture

LP-S-UP Single seal
Ready-fitted for Ahlstar UP A MS21 range of pumps, bearing unit A1-A6

  • Integrated seal for Sulzer A pumps
  • Single + Plan 11 flush
  • Semi cartridge unit
  • Balanced
  • Independent of direction of rotation
  • Static springs
  • No dynamic O-Ring on shaft
  • Rugged design
  • Shrink-fitted seal faces
  • Seal faces have a large clearance to the shaft
  • Wear part cost minimized
  • Individually integrated to equipment for best sealing result
  • Straightforward and easy installation
  • Static springs reduces influence of misalignment
  • No damage of the shaft by dynamically loaded O-Ring
  • Extended service life due to rugged design
  • No brittle parts in contact with torque transmission pins
  • Seal faces protected by strong steel parts and a large radial clearance
  • The double, quench and single seals have the same wear parts on product side
  • Reduces stock holding costs
t = -20 °C ... +140 °C (-4 °F ... +284 °F)
Pressure: p1 ... 25 bar (363 PSI)
Sliding velocity: vg ... 20 m/s (66 ft/s)
Stock content: ... 4 %
Seal face: Silicon carbide (Q12), Carbon (A)
Secondary seals:
Metal parts: CrNiMo steel (G),
Grade 5A (4T), SMO 654 (4U)
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Chemical industry
  • All clean none abrasive media
  • Sulzer Ahlstar APP and APT centrifugal pumps